Jon Graves

I've led an interesting life so far. Here are the vital statistics to my life, my interests, my goals and more. Enjoy.

Where do I start? I've lost nearly everything I've ever held dear or pursued. It goes without saying that the death of my wife is at the top of the list. My baseball career, money, business ventures... But God is always faithful.

Follow me as I pursue this journey called my life. Here I've chronicled the loss of my wife, the more recent escapades of the Graves Brothers, sky diving for the first time, and the 68 I shot in Palm Springs. It's worth checking out.

I am also a proud partner and contributor for, a new media site for single dads (and moms) and a useful resource center for anyone who needs some support in their role as a single parent.

Thanks for visiting my page! I'm competing for the chance to win a new car, an incredible road trip, and the opportunity to launch my own reality show! I'd like to find amazing stories of people who have overcome adversity to make their dreams a reality, something I'm calling Chasing the American Dream. If you want to help, you can vote for me on the Ford Fusion Energi page. I'd be so honored!!!

The video below will give you an idea of the whats and whys. But you will need to vote for me here!


I was lucky enough to be recognized as America's Hottest Single Dad on the Today Show in June 2011, and am truly honored (and quite frankly, undeserving).

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